Developing the next generation comprehensive cybersecurity ecosystem

Cybersecurity is an ever-growing concern for governments with 2017-2018 experiencing unprecedented leap forward by governments/organisations/enterprises on the journey to becoming digital businesses. All leading to a growing range of threats from foreign powers, terrorists and criminals.

In the case of South Africa, its government responded in 2015 with a National Cybersecurity Policy Framework (NCPF), with implementation led by the Ministry of State Security. Clearly, South Africa lags behind advanced economies in cybersecurity legislation, in government coordination, in engagement with business and citizens, and in the supply of skilled labor. Delays have meant it lacks the experiences obtained in faster moving countries, and the improvements they have made to their policies and especially, implementation.

South Africa has been the country most often attacked in Africa and one in ten businesses reported a cyberattack during 2016, this is expected to rise significantly from 2018 when reporting is finally made mandatory, triggering much greater attention to prevention and security, especially because firms can then be held legally liable.

With this in mind, the Cyber Defence & Network Security conference aims to be a journey on stretching the boundaries of the cybersecurity ecosystem and taking a comprehensive look at the counntry’s cybersecurity, risk management and compliance strategies for the public and private sector.

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Regional visionaries, thought leaders and distinguished speakers:

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Why attend?

Understand the latest regulations and challenges facing the national cybersecurity strategy

Embrace new technology with the necessary risk controls: Prepare for emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, cloud, advanced analytics and blockchain

Recognise the latest threat landscape: State actors and the merging of political and criminal based cyber attacks

Promote the importance of cybersecurity startups and its scalability in our ecosystem

Hands-on workshops with case studies on the past, present and future of malware, incident response and big data

Who is it for?

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Information Officer

Chief Information Security Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Risk Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Head of Network Security


Critical Infrastructure, Government & Public Sector

Banks, Financial Institutions

Armed Forces, Homeland Security

Telecoms, Media, Healthcare

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